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FraudCracker has developed an online solution which uses anonymous chat technology and secret employee incentives to effectively identify and prevent fraud in your business.


Problems with your current situation:

Employees are reluctant to come forward to report fraud because they are uncomfortable with the resulting face-to-face conversation. They don’t know what the consequences will be - in many cases, whistle-blowers are victimized and their jobs are negatively affected.

If the employee reports the fraud anonymously via a tip-off hotline, then there is no way to provide crucial supporting evidence (like false invoices, pictures, etc.)

Employees who report fraud typically don't provide enough information for a full investigation. Unfortunately, if the submission is anonymous, then there is no way to follow up with the employee to get the required information.

Employees have no reason to come forward to report fraud - except perhaps for moral reasons.

If you don't have an anonymous fraud reporting mechanism in place, you're probably contravening the laws of your country.

Tip-off hotlines are typically very expensive to run.

Doing nothing is even more expensive due to the ongoing losses from fraud.

Unique benefits of the FraudCracker solution

We protect the identity of the employees completely, making it impossible for them to be victimized.

The employee reporting the fraud is able to upload crucial evidence to support their claim.

We enable an anonymous, online follow-up conversation with the employee who reported the fraud.

The employee receives a real cash incentive to come forward to report fraudulent activity.

We enable you to comply with your legal requirements as well as rules of good corporate governance.

Our revolutionary solution is very cost-effective and affordable to all companies regardless of size.

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